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When a vehicular accident happens, one of the primary things the police are going to do is determine if the driver(s) were driving-while intoxicated (DWI) with alcohol or other intoxicants. It has a significant effect because a DWI is automatically considered a criminal offense when the criminal lawsuit is submitted. Any driver suspected of DWI in a accident, especially in states like Texas where sanctions imposed on drivers that were impaired are more heavy than in other provinces, it will be wise to consult a DWI lawyer at once.

Nonetheless, DWI isn’t the main source of motor vehicle collisions in the USA. Speeding is identified as the main reason for automobile accidents, and ironically, it’s not considered a crime to go above the legal speed limit even though it has turned out to be statistically a lot more harmful. In Oklahoma, you get a citation and also a fine, possibly permit suspension, and infrequently, jail time up to 90 days with respect to the circumstances. But it isn’t a crime per se, unless it results to some third party, in which severe injuries or death occurs. Sufferers of a speeding injury could also have recourse to civil litigation.

Occurring even more frequently as a cause of motor vehicle collisions is deflected driving, which isn’t actually a traffic ticket in the majority of states including Oklahoma, though it will prohibit motorists on a learners’ or advanced license from using handheld devices or texting while driving. This is particularly sobering considering that the aftermath of car accidents in many cases are life-changing, as stated on the Abel Law Firm’s website.

If you were critically hurt in an automobile accident due to the driver’s negligence, you have the privilege to get compensation for your own losses. Consult a personal injury attorney in your state about how a culpable party could be forced to make you whole again.