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Domestic Violence: Victimizing both Abused Partner and Children

Posted by on Feb 22, 2017 in Domestic Violence' | 0 comments

More than 10 million cases of domestic violence are reported in the United States every year. A great majority of victims are, of course, women, usually aged between 16 and 34. They are raped, physically abused or stalked by their intimate partner.

Domestic violence is a form of abusive behavior committed by an individual over his/her intimate partner. Its forms include emotional, psychological, physical or sexual abuse or threats of abuses to enable the perpetrator to gain control and power over his/her partner. This abusive or threatening behavior is meant to terrorize, frighten, injure, hurt, humiliate or intimidate a partner until he/she loses his/her sense of self-respect and self-confidence. Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence regardless of religion, age, race, nationality, economic status and educational background.

Forms of violence or abuses in the home include:

  • Psychological abuse –this is committed through intimidation, threat of harming or hurting one’s self or children, partner or those close to the partner, like family or friends, and destruction of property, all for the purpose of instilling fear in the victim.
  • Economic abuse– one’s complete control over financial resources by withholding or greatly limiting the other partner’s access to money, prohibiting attendance at school or reporting for work to create in him/her total financial dependence;
  • Emotional abuse– committed through repeated criticism, name-calling or taking no notice of one’s abilities, to undermine the other’s sense of self-worth / self-esteem;
  • Sexual abuse – this type of abuse is usually committed by treating the other partner in a sexually humiliating way or forcing sexual act after physically mistreating him/her; it may also be a case of marital rape or attacks on a victim’s sensitive or private parts;
  • Physical abuse – this is the most common type of abuse committed. It includes slapping, hitting, pinching, hair pulling, grabbing, shoving, biting, forcing intake of alcohol / use of drug upon the other and denying the other the medical care he/she needs.

The effects of domestic violence can be lifetime psychological trauma. However, it also has immediate effects, like injuries or an illness, which can lead to absenteeism which, in turn, usually results to termination from work. It also causes the abused to withdraw from family, friends or other people who may be capable of providing help, due to loss of self-esteem and embarrassment.

Violence against one’s partner (usually the wife), does not only hurt the victim, though, for whatever hurts the wife, can and will hurt the children too. And since children cannot protect their mother from being abused, they are burdened with the feeling of guilt. Mixed feelings of shame, fear, stress and confusion are developed in children too, feelings which can lead to emotional and school problems that may make them withdraw and shy away from others.

According to the law firm Horst Law, ‘When the police respond to an incident of alleged domestic violence, state law mandates that the preferred response of officers is to arrest the primary aggressor. Though this law is intended to protect victims of domestic violence, it may also force the hand of the police to make arrests that they may not have to. That being said, regardless of the events that led up to your arrest, you will need to do everything you can to defend your rights and protect your future as you work your way through the coming legal process.”

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The Liability of Property Owners in Drowning Accidents

Posted by on Oct 15, 2016 in Premises Liability | 0 comments

There are various different factors that contribute to unintentional drowning accidents. The ones most commonly cited are alcohol-impairment, failure to wear a life jacket while boating, lack of pool barriers that would prevent children from gaining access to the pool area, and failure to closely supervise children.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the annual average of non-boating related fatal unintentional drownings in the U.S. from 2005 to 2014 was 332. Accidental drowning, instead of traffic accident, according to the CDC, is the leading cause of accidental death among children below five years old, while the most common place for this accident is swimming pool. For adults older than 85 and children under age 1, on the other hand, fatal drowning mostly occur in bath tubs. With regard to older children and younger adults, fatal drowning accidents often happen in natural bodies of water, like oceans, rivers and lakes.

The worst outcome of a drowning accident is the wrongful death of a loved one. In situations where it does not result in fatality, the victim can still suffer very serious injuries, like long-term disabilities which can alter a person’s life. One specific consequence of non-fatal drowning is severe brain damage, which can lead to memory problems, learning disabilities or permanent loss of basic functioning, which can leave a person in a vegetative state for the rest of his/her life.

Drowning accidents, both fatal and non-fatal, mostly occur in public pools or resorts. These accidents can be blamed on the pool or resort owner or manager, who often lacks the initiative to hire lifeguards, who allows pool drains to remain uncovered, and who allows the installation of poorly designed pool safety features.

Personal injury lawyers in West Palm Beach want you to know that property owners are required by law to warn guests and visitors of anything that could cause them harm on their property, and to then reasonably address those dangerous conditions. Unfortunately, there are far too many property owners who fail to maintain safety on their estate or warn guests of any dangers that may be present, resulting in unsuspecting visitors suffering serious and sometimes fatal injuries.

A person, whose action or lack of action leads to a drowning accident makes this person accountable for the harm suffered by a victim; he/she may also be legally required to compensate the victim (and his or her family) for whatever damages this victim is made to suffer.

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Be Aware of the Symptoms of Stroke

Posted by on Jun 22, 2016 in Personal Injury, Uncategorized | 0 comments

In 2007, a three-day old infant suffered sudden seizures during her routine check-up with her pediatrician. The seizure caused her knees to jerk up towards her chest, her small eyes to roll back, her head to turn sharply to her right, and her skin to turn to blue. After a CPR was performed on her and as soon as she began to breathe again, she was treated with an IV (Intravenous) line. That same day, however, she suffered two more seizures, and though she survived the ordeal, parts of her brain were damaged, causing her holistic development to be affected.

The seizures, which were later determined to be due to a clot in the blood vessel, were identified as ischemic stroke, a stroke caused by an obstruction in the blood vessel that supplies blood to the brain.

A stroke, also called a brain attack, is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. (the first is heart attack, followed by cancer). It is a serious medical condition, which deprives the brain of the oxygen it needs, causing the brain cells to die. If not given proper and timely treatment, a stroke can result to disability, permanent brain damage or death.

According to stroke lawyers from the firm of Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, stroke is a common and potentially life-threatening occurrence for patients of all ages. Sometimes it occurs without warning; often, however, there are warning signs or symptoms, such as unexplained severe headache, neck pain, weakness, vision changes, numbness in the face, arm or leg, speech trouble, loss of balance and dizziness. In certain instances, some patients experience transient ischemic attacks (TIAs or mini-strokes), which, if recognized in time, can prevent permanent injury or death.

If the signs of stroke are correctly diagnosed and the patient given proper, timely treatment, then he or she can be saved from life-long disabilities. Many doctors and emergency room staff, however, often fail to diagnose its symptoms, as these are often interpreted as signs of another illness.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association, stoke can be avoided by giving the patient the tissue plasminogen activator or tPA, which is a clot busting drug, within three hours of the start of stroke symptoms.

Any failure by any emergency room staff or doctor to recognize the symptoms of stroke and give appropriate treatment can be considered as medical malpractice. It is important for families of medical malpractice victims to contact a medical malpractice or stroke lawyer immediately to know what the victim’s rights are and to obtain for him/her whatever compensation he or she may be legally entitled to claim.

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Regardless of Your Driving History, You will need to Have Insurance Coverage

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016 in Insurance | 0 comments

No matter what your driving history is, whether it is marred by multiple driving violations and driving accidents, you will still have to carry auto liability insurance which will definitely cost much more expensive (due to these violations). Why do you need to carry insurance coverage? The simplest reason is because is it the law!

Financial responsibility law is mandated in all US states. Compliance to this law can either be through having car liability insurance coverage or by posting a bond to show proof of financial capability in case of an at-fault accident (the latter, which is allowed in the states of New Hampshire and Virginia, is an alternative option for drivers who choose to register an uninsured vehicle. Mandatory car insurance coverage actually serves as the best viable solution for drivers who cannot afford to compensate their victims in at-fault accidents.

Depending on which state a driver resides, the type of car liability insurance coverage he or she can carry is either the full tort coverage or the no-fault coverage (also known as personal injury protection or PIP. In full tort coverage, the liable driver’s insurance provider (once liability is determined through a lawsuit filed by the one who claims to be a victim in the accident) is responsible in compensating the victim for the damages he or she is made to suffer. Due to the lawsuit, payment of compensation is often delayed; the insurance premium to be paid by the policy owner will also include court and other legal fees, making premiums quite expensive.

No-fault coverage, on the other hand, does not necessitate any lawsuit since compensation is to be paid by the respective insurance providers of those involved in the accident. There are currently nine states where the no-fault or PIP coverage is mandated: Utah, New York, North Dakota, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Kansas, Hawaii and Florida. In the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Kentucky, drivers have the option to carry either the no-fault or the tort coverage.

Drivers who are caught without insurance coverage can lose their driving privileges and their license, suspended. To have these restored, they will need to carry an SR-22 filing, a certification required by their respective state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) proving that they already have coverage.

While an insurance policy can already put a strain on drivers’ budget, SR-22 can only worsen their financial situation. Ending up paying costly premiums do not have to so, however, according to Madison, Wisconsin car accident attorneys, which says that drivers can always seek help from independent insurance companies to assist them finding the insurance deal that will best fit their budget, needs and situation.

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Keep Your Medical License Intact

Posted by on Oct 22, 2015 in Professional License Defense | 0 comments

Nowadays, more than ever before, shielding your lawful records is vital. Medical professionals and practitioners carry the weight of ensuring their patients get the best standard of treatment and provide the assistance in bringing back the well-being of the individual.

Getting a complaint from someone may be very damaging information to many medical practitioners. Even a straightforward malpractice lawsuit or an automatic operation error can change a doctor’s power to carry on their medical profession to make an income.

For medical professionals, protecting your professional license can be the same as guarding your reputation as well as your future. A medical panel investigation can be a serious question, therefore Houston law firm Leichter Law Firm has a post on its website that outlines the benefits of locating authorized reps to direct the process so that you can strengthen the probabilities on the outcome of the investigations and court cases will soon be an in your favor.

There are particular procedures that need to be followed, and medical investigations are always complex and lengthy. Having someone who knows how a procedure operates and understands the elements of professional license shield that is proper might be the best way to manage the problem in the best way.

If it is a regulatory complaint, legal accusations, or an accreditation investigation, a professional’s career will soon be at risk. There are a lot of ways that the medical professional can be under investigation, from substance-abuse issues, to not maintaining the “standard of care”, to a robotic surgery mistake, each one of these grounds needs to truly have a specific type of protection. Realizing the source of the ailments and the way to correctly answer the probe is critical.

Generally the chances of being investigated by the licensing panel are small but growing as of lately. It’s important to know that although the board researchers just answer the clients’ allegations, their principal responsibility will be to protect the people together with regulating the medical profession. It’s essential to get suitable legal help to preserve your medical permits, as they might be helpful during investigations.

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Abuse and Negligence in Nursing Homes

Posted by on Oct 21, 2015 in Personal Injury | 0 comments

Nursing homes perform an important role in American society. After all, it’s through these facilities that a tremendous bulk of elderly individuals are able to access the medical aid and attention they require. It’s not uncommon for families to lack the funds to supply the proper attention they want for their loved ones that are elderly. A lot of Americans therefore, look at nursing homes as the smartest choice in making sure their loved ones are looked after and will likely be properly cared for. Alas, the reality that takes place inside nursing homes paints quite a blue picture.

Indexes of medical home neglect can simply fall beneath the radar. Close watch is required to actually see the hints that point to a nursing home resident being at risk of danger. Milwaukee personal injury attorneys would probably talk about issues such as contamination, malnutrition, poor hygiene or sanitation, bed sores, and insufficient staff aid can level to more alarming episodes of neglect and abuse. There can also be instances of improper medication dosages being given showcasing sign that there may be a bigger problem to deal with.

All in all, households are advised to be searching for unexplained injuries, for example cuts and bruises when visiting with their elderly loved ones at their assisted living facilities. Indications that point to their deteriorating state can also be an indicator that some form of maltreatment is happening behind-the-scenes. It is also crucial that visiting family people are sensitive to changes in their own loved one’s personality.

It really is a tragically proven fact that events of negligence and abuse are unrestrained in America. As stated by the Department of Health and Human Services, over 2 million elderly people had fallen to mistreatment in the type of exploitation that was mental, mental victimization, and bodily injury. Nearly all the cases are known to have happened in institutions and services which are designed to be a spot of attention and trust.

If your loved has endured any personal injury as a result of neglect and nursing home abuse, don’t hesitate to take proper legal action against those responsible for the injury family members have seen.

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Root Canals

Posted by on Oct 20, 2015 in Dentistry | 0 comments

More than 75 percent of American adults have some amount of dental anxiety. For many who are concerned at the thought of going to the dentist’s workplace, the term “root canal” may possibly cause them to break out into a chilly perspiration.

To understand the basis for the main canal, it is necessary to comprehend tooth anatomy that is fundamental. Teeth are protected by a hard substance called dentin and athin coating of enamel. Inside these protective covers is a tissue called pulp, which contains delicate components like nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Pulp helps a growing tooth obtain nutrients, even though the pulp can be survived without by an adult tooth -regrettably, pulp can become infected as a result of cavity or chips in the tooth, killing the nerve and causing intense pain at the root of the tooth.

There are number of myths in regards to the root canal procedure, including precisely what the procedure does, and just how distressing it is. In a root canal treatment, a dental practitioner removes the infected pulp with a dental file and forms the empty canal. Then, the duct is filled by the dentist using a pink material called gutta-perch and seals the teeth it with a crown.

Many people worry that root canal treatment is not painless. When completed with a trained endodontist, the root canal procedure should should have a topical anesthetic applied and pain-free. Occasionally individuals have mild pain for a day or 2 following the procedure when biting down, however, the pain is normal and could be treated with ibuprofen.

A root canal is frequently necessary if an individual desires to maintain an abscessed or damaged tooth. A Leander dentist who has expertise in performing the procedure, can help ensure the procedure is as comfortable and pain-free as possible. As always, avoiding dental problems before they occur are easier, so remember to visit your dentist for routine checkups to prevent dental deycay and other dental disorders.

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Some Truth On Xarelto

Posted by on Oct 19, 2015 in Xarelto | 0 comments

Among the key conditions that anticoagulants are created to manage is atrial fibrillation (A-fib), sometimes known as an irregular heartbeat. This irregularity occurs since the two atria (upper chambers) of the center are out of sync with all the ventricles (lower chambers). Consequently, the blood flow is not as smooth as it should be and some blood can pool in the heart chambers. This can result in the blood coagulation before it is moved out, which is not a matter that is good. An anticoagulant including Xarelto (rivaroxaban) is prescribed not to treat the irregular heartbeat but to make certain that whatever blood does swim in the heart chambers do not clog.

It’s estimated that there are about 5 thousand men and women in the USA that have A-fib, and the projection is for twice that. The chance of developing the illness raises; 3-5% of those that have the condition will have a stroke sooner or later in their own lives, and 10% over 80 and more than 4% of all Americans older than 60 have the condition. A-fib-associated strokes are thrice much more likely to be deadly than strokes of a different source and more likely (2.5 times) to kill women than men.

Having a drug that could prevent A- fib strokes is definitely not undesirable provided that the remedy isn’t worse compared to the ailment. Severe side effects of the other or just one sort have plagued anticoagulants ever since warfarin was approved in 1950, and new drugs such as Xarelto designed to avoid A- fib shots haven’t done much better. The truth is, according to the website of Williams Kherkher, the new drug is too hazardous because not merely are there various negative effects that are possibly deadly to be sold, there isn’t any effective or authorized reversal agent for it. To put it differently, in the event that you get in trouble with Xarelto, all you can really do is to cross-your-fingers and watch for it to be flushed out of your system.

In the event you suffered serious injury and have been caught between Xarelto and a rock, you need to tell other folks how hazardous it might be. Consult with a Xarelto lawyer to find out tips on how to hold the drug companies liable for your deficits and traumas.

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How To: Content Writing

Posted by on Oct 18, 2015 in Content Writing | 0 comments

The written word is an ever-evolving art. The younger generation has actually developed a vocabulary that is nearly coded with the use of social and new media. Terminology is continually fluctuating every single day, and new content is being dispersed. Your site can seem amazing but, as stated by the website of Kinetic Word, perhaps not draw in any new customers or inspire fresh dialogue if there aren’t articles that’s as equally astonishing as the visual design.

In order for your business brand and website to rate well in searches and to develop a popularity that is reputable online, your website needs in order to offer successful and unique content at a routine that is consistent.

Here’s a little assistance to get you started.

Firstly, when in doubt: compose lists. There’s no authoritative research regarding the reason why crowds today prefer listing-like posts. Because lists often provide some details that are more familiar as well as fresh items of advice; the theory is that it is. This fact is subsequently supplied with a fresh description that is new and validates your knowledge. (It has additionally been noticed that crowds enjoy listings that finish with the uneven quantity. Why? Scientific discipline has yet to figure that out.)

Second, structure your weblog posts using the attributes that are italicized and bold. The primary reason for this is that in weblog posts, substantial walls of text are often seen as a task or intimidating. Small breaks inside the text allow for the articles to be more readable, thanks to the choice that is stylistic, particularly if the article in the issue is rather lengthy. It is in the exact same basic theory of reducing paragraphs throughout the insertion of photographs. It is a more refined means of breaking the boredom.

Lastly, hire a content author. You will be astonished to determine websites that have business owners who insist on writing their own content although it seems like a clear choice to create. The thing about writing is that it is frequently overlooked, the thing is that it requires a specific amount of time, heart, and practice so that you can be able to write effectively and to write well.

Everyone can string a couple of words together and form a sentence but, true writers really are a rare breed of communicators who understand just how to best catch a reader’s attention through the written word and the best way to speak with their audience. In case you don’t get the backing or amenities necessary for an in-house content author, there are loads of companies that offer content writing solutions.

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Malpractice in Cerebral Palsy

Posted by on Oct 17, 2015 in Cerebral Palsy | 0 comments

New York City cerebral palsy lawyer may mention that almost three out of every one thousand babies born in America are identified as having cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a term given to some big number of illnesses that primarily affect motor skills. Less normally, brain function is affected by cerebral palsy. But in the events where knowledge is affected, the patient encounters a more severe and rehabilitation – life that is extensive.

The different types are spastic, dyskinetic, ataxic, athetoid, hypnotic, and mixed. Of the different kinds of cerebral palsy, spasstic cerebral palsy is the most frequent, occurring in almost seventy percent of all instances. Typically, the most common sign of spastic cerebral palsy is muscle tightness. Nerve receptors in the backbone aren’t able to receive brain signaling which subsequently leads to muscle tightness or spasm.

It’s broadly believed to be a hereditary disease while causes and exact variables for cerebral palsy can not be easy to comprehend for medical practitioners. Premature infants are in a greater hazard in developing cerebral palsy as they are frequently more vulnerable to respiratory complications. Asphyxia, hypoxia of the brain, can be linked closely to the evolution of cerebral palsy.

Besides birthing problems, the progression of cerebral palsy can occasionally be detected ahead of the kid’s birth. In the cases where early avoidance could happen, the development of cerebral palsy can frequently be associated with medical negligence. Medical malpractice blunders that are frequent are the late diagnosis, identification, operative errors, and blunders. Medical malpractice might have enduring consequences like congenital defects or and conditions including cerebral palsy. Households are entitled to financial benefits if the physicians are in charge of birthing problems.

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